What happens if you sneeze with your eyes open?

What happens if you sneeze with your eyes open?

We all sometimes sneeze, but far from all we notice the fact that at the same time the eyes of a person reflexively close. Sneezing is one of the protective mechanisms of the human respiratory system. At the time of sneezing, trigeminal irritation occurs, which takes part in the process of closing our eyes. If the trigeminal nerve is not irritated in any way, then the person’s eyes are open, and when irritated, he reflexively closes his eyes. I wonder what will happen if you sneeze with open eyes? As doctors have proved, it is quite dangerous for human health. During sneezing, be very strong pressure forms inside the head, some doctors even believe that if you do not close your eyes at this moment, they can fly out of their orbits!

The speed of air exhaled by a person during sneezing is about 150 km / h. Scientists believe that sneezing with open eyes is theoretically possible, but for this it is necessary to consciously use the central nervous system in this process and dictate its conditions to it. To do this is very difficult and almost impossible for any person. Only a few of us can do this and, in any case, this is a considerable risk to our health. Therefore, it is better to trust nature and not experiment with the process of sneezing. Then the spine will remain unscathed, because there were cases when, with an incorrect sneezing, people broke their neck, and the eyes wiil in place and the nervous system would not be damaged!


Take care and be healthy!

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