Warning Symptoms Of Alcohol Addiction

Warning Symptoms Of Alcohol Addiction



Alcohol drinking might come as a leisure activity. Most people stick to drinking only when they are socialising or relaxing. So that they do not overconsume and move towards alcoholism. To avoid any kind of addiction, they also make sure to consume alcohol in limited quantities. Otherwise, it can have adverse effects like hangover and nausea. These effects remain with them for a few days until they return back to their healthy lifestyle.


Alcohol drinking can be broadly divided into three parts, casual drinking, alcohol dependency, and alcohol addiction. Differentiating between them can be quite confusing as their symptoms are not clearly noticeable. But they all have different effects on a drinker. While casual drinking does not harm, alcohol dependency can be harmful in the long run and alcohol addiction has the worst effects. Conditions are normal for casual drinkers but the latter two should seek help for alcohol detox. So that they do not end up with life-long problems.


Alcohol addiction is the worst of all. It can drastically transform the life of the drinker by causing them social and health problems. And the reason that the person does not even realise their problem accounts for them not seeking for alcohol withdrawal. This leads them to severely bad conditions. Here are some of the symptoms that people can notice in themselves and their loved ones to see if they are addicted to alcohol or not.



This is the very first thing to notice in an addict. They do not want alcohol, they crave for it. Their body and mind start reacting differently when they do not get their dose of alcohol. Which is why they end up drinking too much. Also, the addict is the last person to recognise this symptom as they think they are just drinking for fun or to cope with some life problems. They only realise it when things go bad.


Secret Drinking

Addicts usually drink secretly and lie about it later. Basically, they live in denial and avoid accepting the fact that they have an alcohol problem. When the addicts’ families and friends start realising that they are drinking way too much, they warn them. This is another reason for them to drink in secrecy. This symptom is hard to notice because when the addict themselves are denying the fact that they are drinking too much, it is tough for anyone else to do something for them.


Losing Control

Once the alcohol starts taking over an addict’s life, they lose control over almost everything. They are unable to control their drinking as well as their life. They lose focus from their work and also lose interest in everything else. They start having relationship issues and they do nothing about it. This is the point where the alcoholism symptoms become visible to other people. But this stage is only noticeable after the addict crosses on the problem-drinker stage. Which means their condition has already worsened.



There are many other symptoms that can be found in an alcohol addict. And it is important to notice these symptoms as soon as possible. So that proper care and treatment can be provided to the addict and they do not end up having life-long social and health problems.


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