Turning dead leaves into paper: A unique initiative by a Ukrainian student Valentyn Frechka

With the fast-growing world, we all have forgotten to take care of our environment. We are no more bothered about our surroundings and are continuing to destroy it by using plastic and throwing it all around. Due to all this, there has been a huge shift in the climatic conditions thus deteriorating it. 

But some people are highly concerned and are trying their level best to do something or the other to bring a change in the environment.

I am very proud to share the story of Ukrainian student Valentyn Frechka. He took the initiative in which fallen tree leaves are turned into paper. After working on the project for nearly three years, he gave this project a name called “Re-leaf Paper”. This was his school science project through which he has now started producing packaging material and paper bags. Fibre is extracted from the dead leaves which in turn get converted into paper. 

Frechka started this project to make paper production easy which in turn will reduce the impact on the environment. As we all know a lot of trees have to be cut for the production of paper. He has partnered with a cardboard manufacturer company for this project. He is working as a research and development specialist. 

Frechka says, “Leaves are waste that needs to be removed from parks because they emit a lot of carbon as they rot.” He believes that through his idea the waste can be recycled and reused for not only making paper but for many other purposes. 

Now customers can make eco-friendly purchases as these paper bags are environment friendly. Slowly Valentyn will venture into the production of paper on a large scale. 

 Valentyn Frechka is on the list of Forbes magazine’s list of the 30 most successful Ukrainians under 30 years of age in 2020. When you were a 19-year-old student did you think about anything like this or had some idea that couldn’t materialize?

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