The rise of suljuks

  The rise of suljuks

The Rise of the Seljuks' has reached you. It is expected that in this installment, answers to many questions raised in the previous installment will be found. What will happen to the Torana in case of effective poisoning of Nizam-ul-Mulk and whether Nizam-ul-Mulk will continue to breathe? Whether or not his mother may face Sultan Salman Shah, today's episode beautifully hidden the answer to all these things.

Today's episode has created new ambiguities and mysteries, but intrigues, intrigues, and intrigues are to be seen: the conspiracies against the Seljuks, the Crusaders against the Seljuks, the Crusaders against the Seljuks.

The poison spread by Hasan bin Saba saw it spreading inside the Seljuks. The rebellious Singer, with his stubborn and determined intentions, not only succeeded in rescuing Arsalentis, but also in regaining his memory and making him realize the truth.

On the other hand, despite his best efforts, Sanger's companions could not protect Arsalant's mother from his son Rustom, and were not alive, but by killing his mother dead, Arsalanta established the belief that not only Nizam-ul- Country ni He has donors, but Hazrat Syedna was responsible for the destruction of his family.

Realizing the truth of Torana Khatoon, the Sultan gave him the responsibility of taking care of Nizam-ul-Mulk and successfully returned the traces of Torana to Nizam-ul-Mulk and got the hope of his life. came

On the other hand, the Sultan's persistent rebellious story and the fact that he did not touch anyone and went to a safe religious place confronted Sanjar's mother, and proceeded the story again without any reason.

While other external conspiracies have surrounded the empire, women's conspiracies are useless for the palace and the sultan.

The news of Gokhar Khatun's arrival of Barkiyarak in his heart threatened the kingdom with his unborn child.

On the one hand, Amir al-Tabbar makes a big mistake by the businessman blackmailing Faisal and handing him over to an important place of al-Hijr and he does not know how big a temptation this beautiful young man has with curly hair. Hasan bin Saba is also the son of Mouth and they play at his behest.

 Sultan Malik Shah is feeling very lonely and upset at the moment, because on one hand his wise minister Nizam-ul-Mulk is stunned and restless, and on the other hand his personal loyal soldiers and his experienced friends are ready to revolt. And save


The news of the nexus of fakirs and criminals also created trouble for the Sultan, and in the same trouble, the brave and courageous Sultan with his army immediately planned to attack Fort Cool and prayed for the victory and help of his mother Sibiriya Khatun. . In a slogan of truth, they jump into the battlefield where he and the brave soldiers of his army tell a new story of bravery against mystics and criminals with their swords.


Now the search for a secret book begins in the story which contains complete information about the sacrifices of the esoteric person. It has also been mentioned by Abu Hamid Ghazali.

The book is currently in Rustom's custody, and viewers think Rustom might realize as a result of an incident that he killed his mother and is turning against Syedna.


In the beautiful scenes of the play, Sultan Taran Khatun and Taj-ul-Mulk were about to come in front of him and then welcome Sultan to Taj-ul-Mulk and Taj-ul-Mulk with the same loud slap that this slap food Coming out is a very pleasant scene. The audience will be happy to see this.


The singer was featured in Faisal's place, while Rustom was present at the same location with a secret book and Sanjar's conversation with businessman Faisal. It would be an exaggeration not to praise the actor playing the role of businessman Faisal here. Despite the fact that Singer and his astute partner Rustom did not explore the whole place with such deep eyes.

The battlefield features not only the beautiful and deadly screen and two-on-one physical battles, but also the battle of horses, their falls, injuries and attacking the enemy with their riders, the hard work and skill of their disciples. Word of mouth.


Friends see in this situation where things are going. How does the misunderstanding between Singer and Sultan disappear? Can Taran give poison to the girl or start a new conspiracy?

See how Nizam-ul-Mulk is active again for the state and what color flowers bloom in the hearts. All this and in the sequel. till then.


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