Prashar Lake- A Hidden Himalayan Wonder


With the mighty Dhauladhar ranges offering a perfect backdrop, the serene calmness of Parashar, a temple in wilderness of Himalayas is all set to attract and amaze you.

Prashar which is 49 Km from Mandi in Himachal Pradesh is also known for the unique three storied pagoda like temple. This temple at an altitude of 2730 meters was constructed by Bansen during the 14th century.

Parashar Temple and Lake

The pagoda styled temple has its own charm and is made out of wood with intricate hill architecture adding to its beauty. The temple has attained fame because of the lake that is situated within the temple complex.

This lake is said to be created by Pandvas after they came to this region, post the completion of Mahabharata war. The beauty of the region inspired Dev kamrunag so much that he made the place his home

It is said that Bhim who had power of 1000 elephants created this lake with the push of his elbow.

The region is named as Parashar as Sage Parashar worshipped and lived here. A unique attraction of the place is the floating island in the lake that changes its position, every six months.

How to reach Parashar

A narrow road connects Parashar with other regions of Himachal. However, what would be the fun if you were to go to the mountain top in a vehicle. A short trek from Baggi village can be done. This trek will take around 3-4 hours and you can witness the beauty of Himalaya’s right and upfront before you.

There is a Dharamshala in the temple complex where you can stay, in case, you do not intend to get back on the same day.

However, if you are thinking of pitching a tent, the same can also be done in the vicinity of the temple, outside the boundary wall and on other edge of the mountain top. The temple complex has a small market with 2-3 shops where you can buy all essentials, in case, you intend to camp.

Food Options on the way

As you enter Mandi, it is recommended that you should try Himachali Dham before you head on to Parashar. Sidu is a traditional delicacy that you will get in any eatery in Mandi and in small food stops along the villages, on the way to Parashar.

Once at Parashar, either cook your own food if you are camping, or you can take a local chef along who can dish out traditional delicacies for you on the way.

What to carry for the trek

In case you intend to go on the 4 hour trek to Parashar from Baaghi village, do get some good trekking shoes. As the trek does not take you to a very high altitude region, all essentials for a true Himalayan trek can be avoided.  However, do carry some food and water as you get dehydrated quickly while climbing.

Stay options at Parashar

The temple complex has a small Dharamshala with basic stay amenities. Either you can prefer to stay here or if you are a group of friends, you can consider taking your tents along. Pitching a tent on the mountain top with an amazing view of Dhauladhar in front of you would simply be a life changing moment.

parashar lake

When to Visit Parashar

Parashar region is not accessible during winter months as it snows heavily. Even if you try to approach through the road during late March, driving through the terrain is risky as black ice deposits can send you tumbling down.

April to June is ideally the best time to visit the region. Alternatively, you can also visit Parashar from September to November.

Mountains have their own charm and Parashar Lake, true to its name holds that mystical fragrance, something which you will feel when you are here.

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