Potato for hair dye


Potato for Skin n Hairs


Potato is a vegetable who is eaten with very happiness n popularity. Included taste numbers of dishes are made from it but in Asia it is used to make sweets too. But for skin or hair products no many people knows, how much it is beneficial or how to use it so one can benefit much. Though for dark circles of eyes people are known well. Yes, if one understands or thinks it can remove all the dirty scars or roughness of the body. But it has another amazing characteristic as a hair dye. It  a wonderful colour when uses a Potato for dye.


How to use a Potato for hair Dye


Take some Potatos, then take a pot of iron (must be of iron). Cut Potatoes into small pieces, then put on iron pot. Add some fruit vinegar until Potatoes are sunk. Left them for a whole night in the yard. It can be cover with a piece of cheese cloth. In the morning, shake all well then strain vinegar with a cheese cloth. Now your hair colour is ready. Apply at your hairs n see a magic.

Happy colour of the life.

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