Panchanga Istanbul Turkish Meat

Ingredients: Yufka dough, three slices of minced meat, 500 grams of onion, one tomato paste, two tablespoons of grated carrot, three pizza cheeses, 300 grams of spinach or chopped beet leaves, 100 grams of oil, salt and pepper. How to prepare for four people: * Fry minced meat with chopped onion, oil and salt, then add tomato paste and add a little pepper. * Spread a sheet of yufka and mix half a cup of water with half a cup of oil and rub it on the dough with your brush, then spread the pizza cheese on the sheet of yufka, put the second sheet on the first sheet and rub the mixture of water and oil on it again. Then spread the mixture of beet leaves and grated carrots. * In the last step, put the third sheet of water with your pen, pour oil and oil and pour the mixed meat mixture and sprinkle a little thyme. Place the yufka in a tube from the bottom and place on a greased baking tray for 30 minutes at 180. C. * While cooking, rub oil on it once or twice with a brush to completely roast it.

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