Own war !

There are more than seven billion people living in the world. There are dozens of colors, waves, performances, attitudes, styles. It seems that there is a different universe inside each of them. There are different forms of Bhanta Bhanta. No question, no madman, but from the very inside we are the same seekers of love, that is, someone slaps you on the shoulder, when you start falling, someone stops you, if you fall, someone raises his hand, sit up without being ridiculed, Help us to walk. Then each one of us is in some kind of war, whether it is a war or not. Some people have been at war with their destiny, with which they were born, but they do not agree with it. They think that maybe they deserve better than that. They are in a struggle to get some love. Consciously, subconsciously, there is a desire to go to Prana, which does not fade even after getting all the comforts of the universe. It awakens and burns wood in the body. Some people get sick. Some people forget to beat their heart. Some cells become uncontrollable. Some people lose their vision. Some people lose their vision. Has Then we all clap our hands with inner fear. From birth to adulthood, we harbor many fears in our hearts and minds. There are illusions that rob us of peace, the fear of being snatched away, the fear of being snatched away. Fear, how evil is hidden inside us then there is an outside world The answer looks at our houses, clothes, cars and gait shields, measures our reach and our reach puts us in the box of success or failure weighs in the scales Yes and it costs us. The coin of success accumulates, its prices are high, but remember that we all fail in our own place and we sometimes have to pick our pieces with our eyelids. We are also human beings, Farhad. There are also, to say and do to dig a canal by tearing the chest of rocks, but sometimes even a small delusion eats us, doubles the waist and makes the breath hard, we need desire, we also make friends Yes, now we are surrounded by digital friends. We must not have faced the shock of seeing that life strikes everyone in its place, breaks it, makes it helpless.

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