Messi shines, Barca crushes Granada

Barcelona just had a 4-0 victory over Granada to narrow the gap with the leading group. Lionel Messi continues to be the main character with a double goal on the Estadio Nuevo Los Carmenes, helping Barca step by step out of difficulties.


After a double against Bilbao, Lionel Messi continued to shine to help Barca submerge Granada on away field. The Argentine superstar scored 2 goals, 35 and 42 minutes respectively, and were high-level finishes. 3 points at Carmenes pitch helps Blaugrana temporarily narrow the gap with Atletico Madrid to 4 points.


Barca actively pushed up the squad after the opening whistle. Under constant pressure from the opponent, the defense of Granada soon made mistakes. 12 minutes, Antoine Griezmann scored when standing under the entire defense of Granada, but the goal was still recognized by the referee. The former Atletico Madrid star did not receive the ball from his teammates, but from the awkward handling of Roberto Soldado, a player on the home side.

With the superior quality of the squad, Barca did not hesitate to make breakthrough situations in the middle of the opponent's defense. On the day of high form, two satellites Pedri, Griezmann moved reasonably, and there were many situations to support Messi. In the 35th minute, Messi cut his heart from close to the 16.5 m line. The ball rolled into the high corner, not giving goalkeeper Silva a chance to block. Before "El Pulga" scored, Busquets touched the ball in the center of the field. However, the referee determines that this situation is not related to the strike that led to the goal.

Just 7 minutes later, Messi continued to take advantage of the opportunity from the free-kick to increase the gap for Barca. Granada had backed up the entire squad to cover but still could not avoid the goal.


Goalkeeper Silva chose the right corner to defend, but he fell slowly.

Messi played impressively since recovering from injury. The 33-year-old striker continues to top the list of top scorers in La Liga with 11 goals. Before that, Messi was criticized, when he had only 1 goal in the first 6 rounds.

Barca reduced the pace of the game in the second half, but still maintained the initiative. Coach Koeman's army played with a moderate speed to ensure the fitness for the pillars, but still had more goals in the opponent's net. In the 63rd minute, Griezmann shone with an accurate shot at a narrow-angle to secure a 4-0 victory. This is the second time the French striker has scored 2 goals in a La Liga match for Barca. The former Atletico Madrid star did this on August 25, 2019, when he made his fan debut at the Camp Nou.

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