Hair falling

Why hairs fall?

There are no's of reason who are caused of hair falling n other dirtiness or thiness of hairs. They can be physically n surface both. With general health n weakness, no cleaning of hairs or using massage oils with making them a brush who don't suits u or Ur hairs, can cause of hair falling. Every one should take proper diet with fresh fruits n veg, no just meat of any kind. It's only better to cover low iron or hamoegloben. But only stomach disorder can cause hair fall when u can't digest good food or high pains make u discomfort everytime. Yes offcourse, nowadays mental thinking power or brain stemna both are part of good health. U need not often but sometimes really a contact with psychiatrist who give advice u about how to be calm n living with others at endure. If u can't sleep well with a stress n obviously then can't do anything with normal behaviour, u should care of it. It can cause hair fall too.

There are some general tips for prevention of hair falling:
Do not knead hairs tightly, avoid to shampoo everyday. Brush twice everyday, n use wooden brush. Use Occasionally oil, it's make them soft more n healthy with long. N clears all bad skin n small scars n wounds. If it is of herbs, much better. We suggest u all Summa's Herbal Rose Oil 

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