Gajar Halwa, Carrot's Dessert

Carrot Dessert,

It is called Gajar Halwa, Halwa means sweet with powdered or crushed Fruit or any sweet vegetables like Carrot which is called in East Gajar.

Gajar Halwa or Carrot dessert is made with dried milk which is called Khoya in East, Pakistan n India. More ingredients are Oil or butter oil, Sugar, Cardamom n dry fruits. Dry fruits are optional. It is very delicious and Beneficial to health. Makes skin glowing n bones are strong with Dry milk n dry fruits. Butter oil is nowadays suggests for good mental health n illness or tiredness too. Carrots are rich in Calcium, Vitamin A which is good to eyesight.

Main ingredients

Carrot Crushed One Kg

Khoya, dried milk Quarter kg, u can increase or decrease as u desire 

Sugar Quarter kg

Oil or Butter oil (ghee) Quarter Kg

Cardamom few Cloves

Dry fruits as u like to add with dessert n to garnish




Steam Carrots for few minutes until be soften. Then fry into oil n add suger n give it time to be melted. At last add Dry milk n Dry fruits n remove from burner or stop the flame. Make garnished with Ur desired dry fruits



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