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Note the method as follows:

One of the distinctive traditions of the Indonesian people is to hold selametan, feasts or thanksgiving for certain moments. Selametan or thanksgiving is not complete without the blessed rice or bancakan rice as a form of gratitude that is eaten by the whole family or guests.

The menu in these delivery foods varies. What is certain is rice, while the side dishes can be various. Starting from fried noodles, Balinese egg chicken, fried potato chili or urap-urap, depending on the taste of the maker. Even though it's simple, this bancakan rice menu is very delicious to eat, you know, Ladies.

Well, if you are going to have a celebration event but want to make your own rice bancakan. In our own society it is common to hold thanksgiving at various events. Usually it is filled with recitation or just gathering and is followed by meals.

Because we will serve guests, we should give our best. Included in serving food dishes.

As the name suggests, this one noodle comes from Java. But the delicious taste that shakes the tongue makes Javanese noodles popular throughout Indonesia.

For events that don't need heavy meals like thanksgiving, Javanese fried noodles can be an option. So you can also include Javanese fried noodles as a thanksgiving menu.

The easiest, you can serve fried chicken or grilled chicken in various variations. For example, Kremes chicken, crispy chicken, serundeng, soy sauce fried chicken, honey roasted chicken, and many more.

But if you are bored with fried or grilled chicken, it can also be served in the form of chicken opor, teriyaki chicken, curry, rica-rica, minced chicken, etc.

Water spinach, green beans, vegetable young corn is one of the vegetables that can be found everywhere. How to serve it can also vary, from quail egg kale, kale shrimp paste, stir-fried sweet young corn, soy beans, to plecing kale.

The last name will be a delicious menu when eaten at a thanksgiving event. With its spicy taste, it keeps guests awake.

The simplest fried noodles only require packaged fried noodles or instant noodles, carrots, onions and garlic, and spices such as soy sauce, cayenne pepper, ground pepper, and sugar and salt to taste.


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