Corona epidemic ... the latest development of the "enemy of humanity" around the world

New data from the World Health Organization showed that the Corona virus, which causes the "Covid-19" epidemic, is slowing down in most regions of the world, especially in the Americas, despite its continuing spread. More than 1.7 million new infections and about 39,000 additional deaths were recorded during the past week, as the World Health Organization stated in its latest report. The rates for the week ending on August 23 showed a 5 percent decrease in the number of injuries in the world and a 12 percent decrease in the number of deaths, compared to the previous week. Despite this slowdown, the number of cases of the epidemic reached 23 million and deaths more than 813,000, according to the Associated Press. With the exception of Southeast Asia and the Eastern Mediterranean, all regions recorded a decrease in the number of new injuries and deaths, according to the organization. The Americas remain by far the most affected regions in the world, as last week they recorded more than half of new infections globally and 62 percent of deaths. But the region also recorded the largest slowdown, with the number of new infections dropping by 11 percent, and deaths by 17 percent, compared to the previous week. Related news What we need to know about treating Corona patients with plasma 6 prominent treatments for Corona so far ... Fauci recognized them warns of a "negative" The expedition to use a vaccine for Covid-19 "not soon" ... A British pessimistic expectation about the date of the Corona vaccine, and this comes especially To a decrease in the number of injuries declared in the United States and Brazil, the two countries most affected in the world, as the data showed. On the other hand, the organization warned that a number of countries and territories in the Caribbean region recorded a significant increase in the number of injuries, indicating that this may be linked to the increase in tourism activity. Southeast Asia, the second most affected region in the world by the epidemic, recorded 28 percent of the total infections last week and 19 percent of the total deaths, an increase of 4 percent from the previous week. India records the largest number of infections and deaths in that region, with 455,000 new infections last week,

which raises the total number of infections in it to more than three million, with 6,700 new deaths, bringing the toll to more than 56,700. Coronavirus, WHO infections, more Corona news Reading Miscellaneous Strike in Israel after the "mass rape" incident at the hotel Miscellaneous Cairo Airport caught a traveler with "all contraband" a special "pink bag" that frightens Beirut .. What is its relationship to the port explosion? Sports Coman ... the golden son of Paris and "Galata Omar" St. Germain, the rains kill 90 Pakistanis and paralyze Karachi l 5 hours ago, the monsoon rains in Pakistan have killed 90 people. Agencies - Abu Dhabi At least 90 people were killed in Pakistan as a result of rain falling over 3 hours. Consecutive days, and crippled the city of Karachi. Pakistan's National Disaster Management Agency said on Tuesday that the three-day monsoon rains killed at least 90 people and damaged a thousand homes across Pakistan. The agency added that another wave of torrential rain hit the coastal city of Karachi, flooding streets and homes with sewage water as a result of the dilapidated water and sewage networks in the city, according to the Associated Press. The Pakistan National Disaster Administration said that among the total number of rain victims, 31 deaths were reported in the southern province of Sindh, while 23 people died in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Related news Video .. Dozens of people are trapped under the rubble of a building in India, Bangladesh is "drowning" .. NASA images reveal the scale of the disaster and added that 15 deaths were reported in the southwestern province of Balochistan and 8 in the Punjab region, while 13 other people died in other places. Others in northern Pakistan, including 3 in Pakistan-administered Kashmir. The rains are expected to continue this week in Karachi, where Prime Minister Imran Khan earlier this month sent troops to help local authorities extract rainwater from flooded residential areas. It is noteworthy that every year, several cities in Pakistan struggle to cope with the torrential monsoons, which has sparked criticism about poor planning. The monsoon season in Pakistan extends from July to September every year.

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