Clothes for Men to Wear in Hot Summers

The body temperature of men runs hotter than women. They can easily feel overheated and the humid season is their worst enemy. If you are a man who feels too hot too quickly, you will definitely be looking for a decent way to dress when you are out ad about and not die of heat exposure. 

You may feel like you are melting, but if you wear the right clothes, you will find that the heat is much bearable and you can actually breathe. Staying cool in the summer is much easier if you are wearing the right clothes. 

There are certain clothes that look best in summer and offer relief to the wearer when they are worn outside in the blistering heat and the unforgiving sun. Plus, there are other factors that make your clothes much easier to wear in the summer and make you feel good at the same time. 

Here are some tips that will help you with dressing better this summer and feel cool and comfortable when you are out and about. 

Colors Matter A Lot

There are certain colors that look the best in summer and offer you some relief from the heat as well. It is a general consensus that you should always wear light colors in summer. This is because the lighter colors will reflect the light and help you keep cool, even when the temperature is rising. With keeping this in mind, the colors that are best worn in summer include, white, tan, light grey, light blue, khakis, olive and navy as well. Any color that is neutral will look great. Plus, these colors are very easy to wear and much simpler to match with other items. You can have one or more of these colors in your closet and you will notice that you are generally dressing better. 

Best Fabrics to be Worn in Summers

Just like the colors, you will find many options for materials and fabrics as well. When the weather is hot and humid, you should opt for clothes that are made from lightweight wool, summer weight wool, cotton or linen. This is because these fabrics are loosely woven and they look sharp too. While the linen may wrinkle, you can always keep an iron at home and press your clothes before wearing them out. Of course, the clothes ay wrinkle as you wear them but that is okay. 

The Style and Fit of the Clothes

While you may be interested in busting out your wholesale Hawaiian shirts, you may want to hold on to them until your next vacation. When you live in hot and humid conditions, you need to look for clothes that are looser on your body. You may have a fitted silhouette, but that should be it. Anything that fits you more will make you sweat and leave stains behind, which is definitely not what you want. You need to leave room between your clothes and your skin so that it has the opportunity to breathe and behave well.

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