Are you sure your breakfast is healthy?

This is the meal that allows your body to gain energy to face the day, after several hours of fasting during the night, 
You may have heard that you shouldn't leave the house without having breakfast. The first meal of the day is essential to control hunger in the hours that follow. But the question we ask you is this: is your breakfast healthy?

A healthy breakfast should include:

  • whole grains;
  • Dark bread (mixed, rye, whole or cereal);
  • Fruit.

These foods are rich in fiber and complex sugars, which are absorbed more slowly, progressively providing the body with the energy it needs at all times.

It is scientifically demonstrated that a balanced breakfast contributes to the maintenance of a healthy weight and is essential to reach the recommended daily doses of some nutrients, such as:

  • Calcium;
  • Minerals;
  • Vitamins.

At breakfast you should, therefore, privilege the consumption of:

  • Milk and dairy products (in the semi-fat or lean form) It has been proven that, except in cases of lactose intolerance, three servings of milk and dairy products should be consumed per day. Milk and dairy products are excellent sources of calcium, protein, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and vitamins (A, D, E and K).
  • Whole grains or dark bread A diet rich in fiber (whole grains, vegetables, fresh fruit) helps to reduce the absorption of sugars, preventing diabetes.
  • Fruit or natural fruit juice A daily intake of 400g of fruits and vegetables is recommended, as they provide vitamins, minerals and fibers, essential for the body to function fully.


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