Wedding trends that will rule 2022

The 2021 wedding wave is almost over. And rightly so, the COVID scare in on a high again, after all. However, the New Year seems to be bright for the wedding planning industry, given that COVID-19 doesn’t wreak havoc again.

2022 will see a slight shift in weddings. While destination weddings will continue to rule, intimate affairs will gain prominence.

Intimate weddings are here to stay

Vicky-Katrina’s intimate wedding earlier this month gave a lot of people wedding goals. From the royal décor to the limited number of people, this intimate wedding became everyone’s favourite. Since 2022 is already gripped by the dark clouds of Omicron, there are chances that intimate weddings will not only be a thing of celebrities but normal people, too. While it may be followed by a grand reception for some, others may simply want to keep their wedding ceremony a low-key affair

Destination weddings will rule

From booking the cute banquet hall nearby to choosing different cities, the wedding scenario has undergone a massive change. More so, if the Coronavirus continues to give people a scare, there are chances people might prefer hidden locations away from the hustle and bustle of the metros and take their wedding vows in peace

Rented wedding dress may become people’s choice

While nothing can replace the feeling of showing your wedding dress to your children and grandchildren, there are some who are preferring to rent their wedding dress instead of spending a handsome amount for just one-time wear. Now, some may disagree and point out that it’s almost mandatory for an Indian newlywed to wear her wedding dress in almost all the weddings she attends for the next two years, the one-time wear things almost get nullified. Well, that’s weird but true, too, to some extent. However, in 2022 people may realise that it’s only the bride’s right to look all dolled-up and steal the limelight and the rest can just do away with wearing their wedding dresses to other’s weddings. This realisation may give rise to the concept of renting a wedding dress, which has, already, been here for a while


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