Signs that a man loves you deeply

Relationships often see an ebb and flow of emotions that are shaped by your state of mind or experiences. Everyone also has a diverse love language they use to express the love they feel. Hence, it is natural for some to wonder whether the intensity of love that your partner once felt for you, still remains. If you’re looking to ascertain whether your man loves you deeply, then just watch out for three of these signs and you shall probably have your answer.

  1. He pleases you by doing things you like

People in love seek to please their partners, so you can look forward to him wanting to do things that you enjoy. Right from attending a poetry recitation to letting you choose the movie for date night knowing it is one he probably won’t like; a man in love will do things for you. After all, it is your company he craves for he adores you deeply.

  1. You often find him gazing at you

Someone who loves you deeply would look for subtle signs in your facial expressions to let them know whether you’re happy, worried, or just in deep thought. So, if you often catch your mate gazing away at you with an affectionate expression on his face, then it could be safe to say that he is head over heels in love with you

  1. He offers you the last cookie or bit of food

This may seem like a small gesture, but it means far more if your partner happens to be a foodie. Men often feel the need to provide for their loved ones and him wanting to do this for you on a baser level indicates a primal predisposition to serve you and protect you

So, relish that last bite of the cookie or pizza for it means he cares for you over his own pleasure

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