Easily munchable snacks for a house party

Parties tend to be quite messy to say the least. It is always advisable to opt for snacks that create minuscule waste so that you don’t have to lose your brain cells when clearing up trash the next morning. We’ve curated a list of snacks that are easily munchable to make your as well as the guest’s experience fun and fuss free. So, add to cart and happy shopping!

Cheese Balls

These plant-based cheese balls are one of a kind and are here to fulfil all your current cheesy cravings and relive your childhood nostalgia with their beautiful taste! Made with vegan cheddar cheese, you can feel the cheese melt in your mouth before you gulp it down

2. Quinoa Puffs Variety Combo

These quinoa puffs are loaded with the goodness of super grains like quinoa, amaranth, ragi, soy, rice and maize. These snacks which are healthy, free of artificial flavours, and not to mention, impossibly tasty are also high in fiber and protein with all nine essential Amino Acids. Its crunchy and nutty taste keeps your taste buds busy

3. Mini Samosas


These sweet and spicy bite-sized triangles of mini samosas will make your chai-time even more enjoyable. Enjoy it at your home or office as an evening party snack or a munching snack for your anytime chai! With a crunchy texture and a melt-in-the-mouth consistency, this food item makes a delicious snack.

4. Ragi, Jowar & Moringa Crispies


100 percent baked, all natural, filled with enriching nutrients like calcium, iron, fiber, protein etc, these crispies have 50 percent less fat than regular fried chips and are 100 percent healthy and wholesome. One crunch is all it takes to realise the delight of exotic flavours filled with the goodness of ancient millets, pulses and plants like jowar, ragi and moringa to load you up with proteins, iron, calcium and fibre

5. Wasabi Green Peas & Party Snacks


This green-on-green snack packs a punch and a zap with green peas coated in tongue-tingling wasabi. The potent taste of wasabi is similar to hot mustard, and it is most commonly used as a condiment. So, wasabi green peas will give you taste and health of both the products.

6. Party Mix (Roasted & Salted)


Packed with an exciting combination of nuts and seeds and sprinkled with salt, this party mix roasted and salted has ingredients rich in protein and fiber keeping your body full of energy. Serve it with drinks, tea or juices. Get it now!


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