8 Essential products for new moms and their infants to embrace the new journey of life

New moms go through a period of change both emotionally and physically and most regard it as the best part of their life and few of us think of it as the most annoying and painful part of life where you have a crying baby in your arms and a sore body to look after. Eat well and keep yourself hydrated and stay strong! Enrol up for a fitness class if needed to help you boost energy and get back in shape. Here are a few must-have products you need to cater to your needs and your baby’s boisterous tears.

Anti-rash diapers

If you don't want to walk around cleaning your house from the mess your baby creates from time to time, much like a natural disaster, pull on baby diapers for him. Babies cry non-stop if they are not comfortable wearing what they’re wearing. So get them the best comfort with these anti rash diapers.

Cotton Pads 


You can use these embossed honeycomb design cotton pads for cleansing and applying baby creams and lotions for your child. They are soft and natural cotton fibres and ensure superior absorption, softness and safety for your little one

Maternity Pads


Postpartum care requires a lot of effort and support from people around you. These maternity pads are ones that you use even on heavy flow days and stay in comfort. It is extra-long and extra broad which makes every mother relax and stay tension-free from any spotting

Nursing Cover for Breastfeeding


Nursing cover poncho covers your entire torso in such a way you can feed your child anywhere in comfort and without any tension as it won’t slip off to the side while you’re nursing. It can also be styled as an eye-catching fashion scarf to walk around in style.

Skincare set


This skincare set is for both mom and child and it includes shampoo, moisturiser, baby lotion, stretch mark removal oil and other essential items. It is an excellent gift set you can surprise your friend or sibling you recently became a mom

Nipple Butter


This cream is ideal for breastfeeding moms as it helps combat the soreness or cracked nipples with a rich combination of oils and waxes that heals and repairs cracked skin that comes as your baby tugs and pulls to feed.

Stretch Oil


Apart from moisturising and hydration benefits, this oil combats the dry, itchy, stretching skin that usually comes with pregnancy. With a combination of 7 powerful oils and natural vitamin E, this increases skin’s natural elasticity and stimulates collagen synthesis

Cotton Baby Muslin Swaddle


This lightweight, organic cotton muslin swaddle that features cute animal prints can be used as a baby washcloth, burp cloth, stroller cover, play mat, a nursing cover for on the go feedings. It gets softer with every wash and is quite handy to use


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