5 Ways to cope with a fresh break up

This is not working out. It’s over. Sorry, I can’t take it anymore. Whenever our phone blinks, most of us pray for the message to not read anything like it. And if God forbid, it does, our heart skips a beat and the world starts to fall apart.

With tears rolling down our cheeks, no matter how hard we try to put ourselves together, we can’t help but fall flat on the ground. Yes, it’s that tough to deal with a break-up.So, if you, too, suffered a heartbreak recently, here are 5 ways to cope with that

Be optimistic

While most of our friends do advise us to feel the same, we can’t help but cry over our failed relationship. However, being optimistic is the key to sailing through such a situation. Think of how you are saved from being stuck in a relationship where you are not valued and that you got to know about it just in time. The longer you would have been in that relationship, the more painful walking out would be. Hence, instill positivity in yourself and see the difference. And remember, it’s not a magic wand that will take away the sadness in a jiffy, you have to be patient, optimistic, and fight the regrets if any

Remind yourself you deserve better

This, again, is one of the most common pieces of advice given to us by our loved ones. However, we don’t pay any heed to it. After all, we think of it as narcissism. While the reality is, if you have given your all in a relationship and the other person still finds a reason to move out, you need to remind yourself, time and again, that you deserve better. Self-love is the first step towards healing, after all.

Pamper yourself

See heartbreak as an opportunity to pamper yourself to the fullest. Go on a solo movie date, and not a romantic one, shop till you drop, and treat yourself to good food and coffee. If nothing works out, book yourself a spa session. But remember, don’t go to the places that you have visited with your ex-partner. This may bring back all the memories alive and you may feel depressed. So, put your explorer’s hat on, and just like Dora go on a sweet adventure

Avoid staying alone

No matter how sad you feel and how lonely you want to be, make sure you have somebody’s company. It can be of your friend or a family member, anyone who understands you well would work. Loneliness can trigger all the negative feelings and you may end up crying over your break-up.

Keep yourself busy

By this, we don’t mean that you overwork and exhaust yourself. Instead, do what you love. Engage in fun activities, or read inspiring books. Mold yourself into a stronger version of yourself and don’t cry over things that are nothing but history. Learn from your mistakes, and never blame yourself. If nothing feels exciting, take leave from work and watch comedy or action movies. Basically, anything that gives you even a little bit of happiness is worth trying



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